Tarot of Trees

Whimsical Tarot Deck by Dana Driscoll

Here is some feedback from people who purchased the Tarot of Trees:

The deck, the book, the box, the incense...everything is so lovely!!! You have such attention to detail, and the images are stunning...the pics on the website don't do them justice. I'm sure the trees are very pleased with your effort, and grateful for your love for them. I think the "death" card should be plastered everywhere that senseless logging and deforestation takes place...hopefully that would wake folks up a bit!
I think you've produced a truly exquisite deck, and I love the accompanying book...not only is it informative, it has a gorgeous artistic quality to it, and is a piece of art in and of itself, as is the hand-painted box...what a treasure!
So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your beautiful work and for including in your book the reasons why you produced this deck. Many folks, including myself, can completely relate with your despair at seeing the natural world so ruthlessly trashed, and your Tarot of Trees emphasizes the need for humans to start taking better care of our Mother Earth and all her many children.

-Kristin, New Mexico

I've been happily shuffling for days. Every little thing about this deck has had me happily handling and holding it, and I'm working on a leather case so it can be my new running mate, and go along on my daily travels.

I gave a more detailed opinion in the deck creation thread, but I think this deck is going to see a lot of use, it just feels so good to work with. I am already hunkered down with it

The art is wonderful, clear, and emotive. This is the deck I'm going to keep in my car or bag at all times. A fast addition to my list of favorites and go-to's.

--Mortecia, Louisiana

This is one gorgeous deck! Like beautiful jewels (and in such soft radiant jewel tones) the trees seem to sing from every card I turn over! The tarot associations are perfect. I can look at each tree and see the personality of say... Strength, or the Knight of Swords so easily.

And the seasonal aspects of each suit work well for me too. It makes so much sense this way. I have to rework my brain to not think of the suits in their elemental dignities, but that won't be too hard. All Trees are Earth..and still, I can see where air, fire and water all combine with earth to make a forest prosper and grow.

The book looks incredible too, though I have only just glanced through it. Full color illustrations and a great paperback size!

I am in Awe

and I am in Love

This deck is brilliant on so many levels, and something that I needed for a long time.

Congratulations Dana...this is truly a masterpiece!

--Robyn, Wisconsin

In addition to the warmth of their creator, and the excellent ability to be able to communicate with her! (which absolutely adds to the whole experience and relationship with / connection to the cards), and of course the deck's aesthetic uniqueness and loveliness, these are some of the kindest cards I have ever touched or opened--immediately receptive, thoughtful, warm, embracing.  They are genuinely friendly.  Part of the reason I was holding out for your cards is that the 3 decks I already own go through periods of good and then stranged relationships with me, and I didn't feel I had any that "fit" or connected openly or whole-heartedly.  But I think I've found the answer to that problem in your cards.

--Miranda, Connecticut

They're lovely... simply lovely.

My package arrived today, and the Trees are even more beautiful in person, with luminous colors. The cards feel wonderfully intimate to hold - the perfect size for a personal deck. Color flows through the book, drenching each and every page. Having a hand-painted Trees box... might be icing on the cake, but it's much more delicious.

Each piece is a work of art - the set is a miniature art collection.
Color me happy!

-Jenna, Nevada

My order arrived today, not too affected by the uk postal strike, it was still quick. 
 Oooh I'm so pleased, it's lovely!  I have coveted one of the boxes since I first saw them on your site, and it does not disappoint, it is beautiful. 

 I can't wait to use the cards in readings, the size is just right ( I have small hands and also at this time of year they are slightly arthritic)  The finish on the cards really shows off your art and also makes the cards glide.  I have already ordered a second copy of the cards as I intend to use these a lot!

There is a very christmassy feel to the whole set. The incense reminds me of christmas pudding, a divine smell, and goes well with the snowy scene on my box. Looking forward to reading the book as well.

All in all a wonderful package, a lot of hard work but I hope you are pleased with the responses that you are getting. Thank you so much for creating this.

--Julia, United Kingdom


I am so happy with my Tarot of Trees order!  Everything was as beautifully packaged as your image showed on your website.  Each of the tarot cards are beautifully rendered, even the backs are gorgeous.  The hand-decorated box is beautiful and the incense is a very nice added touch.  I will love sharing with my family and friends how pleased I am with your set and I think the pricing is very reasonable.
Thank you so much!

--Lisa, Louisiana




Thank you so much everyone! -- Dana