Tarot of Trees

Tarot Deck by Dana O'Driscoll

About the Tarot of Trees

The Tarot of Trees is a hand-painted tarot deck by artist Dana O'Driscoll (for more of her writings, visit her blog, the Druid's Garden Blog). The Tarot of Trees 3rd edition is available--I think its the nicest print of the deck yet. And, it includes a bonus card titled "Regeneration" as part of the 3rd edition! You can order the Tarot of Trees on this website by clicking here. We also have a Tarot of Trees Ipad/Iphone app that you can learn more about here. If you are interested in hearing what others are saying about the deck, you can visit the feedback page.

The Tarot of Trees is a project motivated by and dedicated to one of my best friends, Alfred Durth Struble III, who died of brain cancer complications in April of 2006. Alfred, my trees are singing to you.

The Tarot of Trees Box Set --Box sets are no longer available--they were a limited edition! Sorry!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Tarot of Trees

Here are some basic questions about the Tarot of Trees. You can learn much more about the Tarot of Trees in the companion book: Tarot of Trees: Artwork and Meanings.

Where did you find your inspiration for the Tarot of Trees?

My inspiration for the Tarot of Trees came from several sources. I became interested in the Tarot as part of my druidic spiritual path and work with the Ancient Order of Druids of America (AODA) and the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD).

I’ve always been connected to trees—much more so than people. I had difficulty connecting with some of the traditional imagery in the Tarot. I went through a series of decks, and decided that none of them quite spoke to me in a perfect manner. Since I love trees and I am also an artist, I decided to take on the challenge of painting my own in a tree theme! At times, the project seemed insurmountable, but in the end, I am very pleased that I decided to take on this project.

Why did you choose alternative associations with the seasons and the minor arcana?

I’ve gotten some questions about the seasonal aspects of the Tarot of Trees. I have chosen to associate cups with spring, wands with summer, swords with fall, and pentacles with winter. My choice in breaking with the traditional associations for cups and swords is an artistic and conceptual one. The Cups, which are associated with emotions, fertility, water flowing, dreams, and so forth, seemed much more appropriate for the spring. The swords, which are traditionally associated with dissonance, conquest, illness, tragedy, or the idea of a “double-edged” sword didn’t seem, to me, to fit with flowing and bounty of the spring. The fall is associated with the harvest which links to the idea of conquest—the farmers have toiled in the fields, battling bugs, storms, floods, and droughts to bring in the harvest. The fall is also a time where plants die off, frost sets in, and things get quite a bit colder—all features of the swords. These are my own interpretations of the seasons, and why in the Tarot of Trees you’ll find fall associated with the swords and spring associated with the cups.

How long did the Tarot of Trees take to complete?

The Tarot of Trees was a project I began in October of 2007. The deck paintings were completed in December of 2008. The original mixed media paintings, 4 x 5.5" each are all done in watercolor, acrylic, and ink. The printing process, writing the book, and so forth took most of 2009. So overall, the project was about three years in the making! The deck kind of took on a life of its own after talking to the many supportive people at Aeclectic Tarot forums—but its been a fun journey!

Even if all the trees in the world are cut down, I can still paint them.

Tarot of Trees News:

2/0/2016 - Tarot of Trees 3rd Edition is Shipping!

5/12/2015 - We have run out of the 2nd and 1st edition and are working on a 3rd edition print run. You can preorder the 3rd edition now.

1/2/2013 - Tarot of Trees is now in its 2nd edition of printing! We've tweaked the fonts and the colors a bit--I hope you enjoy the newest edition (this is being sold through the website).

9/30/2012 - Tarot of Trees is also now available as an app for Ipad/Iphone. Yay!

6/6/2010 - Dana appeared on the Tarot Radio Show on June 6th, 2010 @ 7PM. Here is a link to the show: www.TarotTribe.com

3/1/2010: The Tarot of Trees was also voted one of the Top Ten Tarot Decks published in 2009 by the Aeclectic Tarot site members!

1/1/2010: The Tarot of Trees is also featured in the 2010 Tarot Lovers Calendar.

10/1/2009: An article about the Tarot of Trees and working with the elements recently appeared in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids Touchstone magazine (October, 2009 edition).