Tarot of Trees

Whimsical Tarot Deck by Dana Driscoll

Card 79: Regeneration (bonus card, 3rd edition)

RegenerationAbout this Card

When I published the first edition of the Tarot of Trees in 2009, it was before I had discovered the land-regenerating tools of permaculture design. The first and second edition of the book and deck reflected what, at the time, was my underlying hopelessness about the situation and humanity’s seemingly destructive relationship with the land. Everywhere I looked, trees were being cut, the land was being damaged, and nothing that I or anyone else I knew seemed to do was able to stop it. I think a lot of us feel this way—we are overwhelmed with the amount of the destruction and damage, and hopeless and powerless.

Years later, however, I have grown in my understanding of the role that humans can play in regenerating and healing our lands, primarily through first-hand experience. I completed a permaculture design certificate in 2015, and the experience of this has had me completely rethink humans’ relationship and see humans as having the potential to be healing agents.

Of course, it was also during the summer of 2015 that I was finalizing the 3rd edition of the Tarot of Trees book and deck set. Because of this, I have added to the Tarot of Trees (starting with the 3rd edition) the final card, card 79, the card of regeneration. Trees may get cut, like the death card or the 3 of swords, and cut by human hands. Like the double-edged suit of swords, we, as humans can also be agents of healing in this world—or we can be agents of destruction. It is up to us to decide. I have written on this topic more extensively on my blog, the Druids’ Garden here, here, and here.

Divinatory Meaning

We are living in times where so many of us feel powerless about systems of exploitation, oppression, and destruction beyond our control. With the trees themselves, we witness delicate ecosystems and forests being destroyed for profits. As much as this situation—and so many like it—may make us feel powerless. Regeneration sends a powerful message. Nature has an incredible power to heal from her wounds, and to help us heal from our own. It is in the union of human and nature where the powerful and potent healing can happen—and that is the work of regeneration. This card encourages you not to dwell on the things beyond your control, but instead focus your energies on your immediate surroundings and the things you can directly effect. We all have the power to regenerate life, love, and happiness in our lives and lands—but part of this is being empowered to make healing happen.